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On March 6th, my world, everyone's world stopped. I remember being sent a picture of you being transferred to the nursery unit. I couldn't believe it was brother's only nephew. It was so amazing how I was seeing this new little person, with a personality we haven't met yet. For me it was extremely beautiful how I knew that I'd get to be there for your whole life; to see your firsts, your talents, your dreams come true. 
I remember I had to make numerous stops before I went to see you but I knew in the end it would be worth it. When I finally arrived at the hospital, I got there with grandpa and we were kind of lost. Once we finally found the room, they took our ID's, let us in, and there you were... In your mom's chest sleeping. It was not long until we discovered this was your favorite hobby. You were so small and delicate I was afraid of holding you. I also remember trying to change your diaper and failing so hard that your grandma had …

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